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Hikernut's Grand Canyon Companion A Guide To Hiking And Backpacking The Most Popular Trails Into The Canyon

RRP $19.95

Covering the Central Corridor Trails (including Bright Angel, South Kaibab, and North Kaibab Trails), which provide spectacular views and are among the most popular routes, this guide has everything potential hikers need to safely navigate the canyon. Over 250 people are rescued from the Inner Canyon each year. Don't become a statistic-read this book! Along with trail descriptions, a comprehensive gear list, rules and restrictions, hiking tips and trip planning ideas, award-winning author Brian J. Lane offers practical advice gleaned from over twenty years of hiking in and around the Grand Canyon and throughout the United States and Canada. Packed with beautiful full-color photos, illustrations, charts, tables and maps, this book is perfect for first time canyon explorers, and was chosen by the IBPA as a Benjamin Franklin Award Winning Finalist in 2008.

Backpacking Guide For Beginners

RRP $18.99

The Backpacking Guide for Beginners by Jason Thomas is the one book every backpacking enthusiast should read before hitting the trail for the first time.

Based on his vast knowledge about backpacking accumulated over several years of travelling around the world, Jason covers every crucial aspect for making your first backpacking trip a success.

Written in an easy-to-understand manner, the book goes into details and talks about

  • the best trails to choose when just beginning,
  • the essential gear you will need,
  • how to choose your backpacking equipment, from your backpack and sleeping bag to the minor things, such as toiletries and medicines,
  • the key things to consider when travelling across borders,
  • what foods you can eat during your trips (including quick meals and recipes),
  • what clothes to pack with you,
  • and much more...
Nothing is left untouched.

Sprinkled with a few backpacking stories from Jason's trips, the book can be considered the go-to backpacking guide for anyone who loves the thrill of travelling and hiking.

Go ahead and click the "Buy" button today and take advantage of the special discounted offer!

The Beast And The Backpack

RRP $121.99

In the small town of Sundown, there are hidden secrets just waiting to be found. And one day, friends Nick, Donnie, Ricky, Joey, Todd and Sean decide they've been in the dark long enough.

Acting on a dare, the friends decide to find out the basis for a story that has circulated throughout the town for generations: that there is a monster living at the top of McMurphy's Mountain. Though the boys are not sure they believe in the legend, they are still a bit scared.

Soon, the boys come upon an old shack, so they make camp for the night, taking shifts sleeping just in case the monster is lurking about. What they find in the shack is very unexpected and changes a camping trip into a strange adventure.

Now, the boys wonder whether they should have ventured up the mountain. But they press forward with their journey, finding more secrets and the truth about the mountain they feared.


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